About us

Clippy was created by Dom Neuner in 2020 to help fill some gaps in the clip management system on Twitch. Since then, it has evolved in to a whole suite of tools to help content creators.

Okay that paragraph sounded a little too corporate for my liking... so s'up ✌

Clippy really is just a whole bunch of tools to try and make your life easier. We're (I say we, it's really just me) 100% bootstrapped with that indie-dev vibe. Hope you like the stuff and get in touch if you want on Twitter, Discord or that email thing.


We have some really great content creators who have decided they want to partner with Clippy to spread the word and show the world how your content can go to the next level. Check them out on our Partners page and swing by their streams!

Clippy Partners


Why do I have to create an account?

Two reasons! One, we need access to your twitch account to be able to use your details to access the Twitch API for fetching details about clips. We also need to be able to store some information such as your config details. All that needs a user account so we can make sure we know who you are.

Why do you need access to my twitch account?

As we said above, we need access to the Twitch API to fetch info about clips and we need your account for that. You can revoke access at any time in your Twitch security settings if you no longer want to use your services!

Can I trust you?

Honestly? That's up to you to decide! Nothing I can really say here. However, we take privacy and security seriously. We use privacy-first analytics tools so you won't get ads about llamas or something. All systems are built to be as secure as we feasibly can. We're not a big startup but we care!

How do I delete my data?

Email me at support@clippy.tv and request it there. I will verify ownership of the account before deleting any data.